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Manufacture Trigger Sprayer, Commodity Products At Cheap Price.​

Our wide range of dispensing solutions offering instant lead time and assured supply.

Commodity Products Procurement Can Be Easy & Safe.

No matter what style of commodity products you need (trigger sprayer, lotion pump, fine mist sprayer, disc top caps, etc.) you want, we can manufacture it based on our extensive experience.

Our facilities support customizing which makes the final product can be distinguished.

Yestrong is a China-based manufacturer and supplier devoted to product innovation, design, and the delivery of world-class commodity packaging solutions.

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triggers and bottles

As one of the most frequently used tools in times of epidemics, the trigger sprayers have amazing sales.

The trigger sprayer features a variety of dip tubes whose lengths are available for pairing with a large selection of bottles in such a way that provides a functional and aesthetic product line.


We cover wide ranges of triggers:

~Basic Trigger Sprayer 

~Hand Trigger Sprayer 

~Locking Cap Trigger Sprayer 

~Mini Trigger Sprayer 


trigger sprayer table


We produce a range of designs for our lotion pumps.

Our facilities are available to customize the nozzle, dose color according to your requirements.

It is perfect intending to widely products like sanitizers, antibacterial foams, disinfectant, soaps, hand creams, body lotions, body wash and many hair products.


table of lotion pump
lotion pumps


caps and bottles

On top of the excellent sealing performance, the fine mist sprayer provides uniform spray volume.

Its strong corrosion-resistance allow alcohol ingredients. Safety against the COVID-19. 

These mist sprayer connect with bottle ensure that the liquid  comes out of the bottle easily and in a dosed manner.

table of fine mist srayer


Our premier quality disc top caps are easy to disperse, Abrasion-resistant, durable, recyclable, safe. It is perfect to match the PET bottle.

table of caps